FEB 01 2021

The End of the Storm: the gripping inside story of Liverpool...

Directed by Emmy Award-nominated James Erskine, and with a beautiful rendition of the club’s iconic song by Lana Del Rey , The End of the Storm is a celebration of team spirit, tactical genius and belief.


The End of the Storm used exceptional access to the champions to set the Reds’ historic achievement in the context of the club’s global fanbase waiting 30 years for their team to lift the title again.


The special film features intimate access to the manager who masterminded it all, Jürgen Klopp, and club legend Sir Kenny Dalglish.  Interviews with the players who made it happen on the pitch – including Jordan Henderson, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, Virgil van Dijk and Alisson Becker – combine with the passionate perspectives of the fans who supported them along the way.


Amongst these fans was Jerry Wang, a passionate Liverpool supporter from China, who was following the title push from one of the strictest Covid lockdowns in the world – Wuhan.  The Mandarin Film team was able to cast Jerry out of many candidates around China, and then scout the location and shoot for three days, all during the Covid lockdown.  The crew were in regular contact with the creative and production team back in the UK to make it happen.  


The Mandarin Film crew captured some amazing moments, including a five a side kickabout and meal, one of the first since the most stringent measures of the lockdown were eased.  Drone footage captured eerie empty streets, and we also filmed a poignant rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, the club anthem, by the Chinese Liverpool Supporters Club, which was used for the end credits of the film.


Mandarin Film producer Wang Yuqi managed the shoot, and CEO Patrick Carr, also a lifelong Liverpool fan, was a proud participant in this historic moment!


Produced in association with Sky, the film will also be broadcast on Sky Documentaries in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland in 2021, is available on itunes, has a cinema release around the world and is available for distribution by Altitude Film

本片由华影青橙联合Sky Documentaries制作,将于Sky Documentaries平台于2021年在英国和爱尔兰范围内播出。本片也将于由Altitude Film在全球范围内出品,观众登陆Itunes进行观看。


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FEB 01 2021

China’s Secret Monkey Dynasty Leaps Onto Global Screens

This one hour wildlife doc takes us to the heart of a monkey dynasty.  We follow the life and times of the extremely rare White Headed Monkey Langur amidst the natural beauty of China’s iconic Karst mountains. 


Monkey Dynasty captures the struggles, ups and downs and intimate family lives of this incredible species, which can only be found in this one place anywhere in the world.  Today, there are just 1,000 White-headed Langur monkeys left alive, they are more scarce than the Giant Panda, and their social structure and behavior is unique. 


Mandarin Film worked with the Chongzuo Nature Reserve in South China to gain unique access to film over a 12-month period.  Mandarin Film’s relationships with ongoing research work in the Karst region granted exclusive access to entire semi-habituated troops of langurs.


We were given permission to film in ways and locations that were previously out of bounds, and as a result were lucky enough to uncover the little known lives of one of the world’s rarest monkeys.  


Previously unfilmed behavior included family life inside the Karst caves, langurs licking rocks to gain much needed minerals, the family dynamics of a strict matriarchy, where females outnumber males by 4 to 1.  We were able to film  more about diet and the sisterhood of midwivery and nannying. 


The documentary launched on CCTV in Spring 2021, and is available for worldwide distribution through Earth Touch Distribution 

本片将于2021年9月登陆央视,并可在英国广播公司出品的Earth Touch Distribution观看。

“This film reveals the intimate social lives of these free-solo specialists who live at death-defying heights.”


Watch out for it!


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JAN 26 2021

League of Legends “World’s” – the most elaborate mixed-reali...

Even during times of pandemic, more than 6,000 people attended the finals of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship (also known as S10) in Shanghai on 31st, Oct night, but it has since got more than 3.3 million views on youtube , and many, many more around China and the world.

10月31日晚,上海,新冠肺炎还没有消退,但仍有6000多人参加了2020年英雄联盟世界锦标赛决赛,当晚,全球各地都密切关注赛事, 直播点击量在Youtube高达330万余次。

The event, the world’s top eSports event and one of the most influential offline events this year, was a “crazy journey” for Riot Games CEO Nicolo Lauren. Riot and Tencent are the major organizers of the event, which started in the city in September. 


Mandarin Film worked with Riot Games to produce the incredible martial art Performance of the opening Ceremony – the most elaborate mixed reality stage in the world.   


Mandarin Film Producer Yvette Wang coordinated with the Martial Art Team and the stage director of the ceremony, and in spite of pandemic lock down challenges, made the “RISE” sequence one of the most exciting shows of the night.


In terms of computational capacity “world’s” is the most sophisticated in the world - 32k resolution.  Augmented reality makes the stage looks like it goes on forever – there is a 360 world built out around the stage which means wherever the camera is pointed there is something to shoot – pretty cool huh?!  Here’s the ‘making of’ the show 



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