Chinese Princess: Meets the Wild (CICC)
February 28, 2023
Chinese Princess: Meets the Wild (CICC)

Mandarin Film and CICC’s 10 x 5’ Wildlife/Drama series for kids aims to encourage children to go out and explore and interact with nature. The series is available for international distribution from Spring 2023.

In ten episodes with our Princess of the Wild, we explore the magical world and wildlife of ancient China. 

Princess Leyang is entranced by the exotic landscapes and proximity to nature as she explores the palace grounds, and beyond, with her father, her lady-in-waiting, and her brother. Guided by her family and the people and animals she meets along the way, she meets limitless adventure and fresh challenges at every turn. Leyang travels through vast deserts and across rippling grasslands, to freezing highlands, sub-tropical jungle and lakes where the water seems to touch the sky.

From the capital to distant lands, Leyang delights in new experiences like the tea ceremony, horse riding, archery, silk making yak-poo-collecting and shadow play, making many friends along the way.  Each episode combines beautiful 4K HDR wildlife imagery with dramatic scenes in which Princess Leyang must overcome a particular problem.  These challenges lead her to find a new appreciation of nature, explore the wild and include a ‘teaching moment’ that will assist her on her path to becoming a true Princess of the Wild.

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