Mandarin Film was thrilled to once again collaborate with Strong Productions, a prominent Danish production company, to execute the Chinese segment of “Race Across the World” (RATW) Season 4 in November 2023. Our partnership first began during the inaugural season in 2019, and reconnecting for this season was a fantastic journey.

This challenging competition pushes teams to the limits: five Danish teams traverse from Japan, across Asia, and conclude in Indonesia, without access to smartphones or an abundant budget. This season, the race extended further within China—from Liaoning in the northeast to Guangxi in the southwest—covering an impressive 4,000 kilometers, detours excluded.

As China reopened post-COVID, we faced immediate logistical challenges. The expected ferry service from South Korea to Liaoning hadn’t resumed in August as initially anticipated, leading to daily changes in cross-border logistics. The show’s no-flight rule meant that this could be a complete dealbreaker for the China leg. However, Mandarin Film’s proactive research paid off when we discovered that Shandong would be the first province to resume ferry services between China and Korea. This information allowed our production team to meticulously plan a lengthy yet compliant race route through China.

Leveraging our experience from the first season, we were well-prepared for the unpredictable nature of this unscripted series. Our teams demonstrated remarkable flexibility, adeptly managing the dynamic and demanding environment.

A standout moment this year was when the purple team, skillfully navigating through a crowded train station, made it to their platform in the nick of time and caught their train just as it was departing—an event that won them a spontaneous standing ovation from HQ!

This season has been shown prime time on Denmark TV2 since March 2024.

I want to send our biggest and best thank you! China has been amazing with you and all the efficiency and cleaver thinking you showed us in preproduction was really outplayed in an eminent choreography through China. A big thanks to all the ladies on the route and the runners, who carried their weight for us.

A.S. Lundby, Strong Productions, Denmark

2023年11月,丹麦知名制片公司Strong Productions再度与华影青橙合作,共同完成了Race Across the World第四季在中国的拍摄。





Race across the world Denmark has just aired it’s fifth episode, and so far we have record breaking ratings for Danish RATW standards. The commissioner is very happy and so are we. 😊

Thank you and your amazing crew a thousand times for you great work in China. We have had a lot of good fixers across the whole world when producing RATW – but the cooperation with you is something we value as being truly special.

We’ve had a great season and a couple of amazing episodes from China, and as soon as we see our chance to go back to China and produce some more, we’ll be sure to contact you. 

Kasper Jerichow, Strong Productions, Denmark