“My Life is Circus” is a captivating documentary series that chronicles the extraordinary exploits of four friends in a small circus troupe. Their global odyssey is a spectacle of camaraderie and performance art, beautifully captured and brought to audiences by the collaborative efforts of Brazilian production house bigBonsai and Warner Media Discovery Brazil, with its premiere season having graced HBO Max screens across Latin America.

In the summer of 2023, Mandarin Film played a pivotal role in the China episode of the series’ second act. This episode saw the troupe immerse themselves in the profound depths of China’s storied performing arts. They explored the grace of Kungfu, the drama of Peking opera, the thrill of acrobatics, the vibrancy of lion dancing, and more. Each artist not only refined their craft alongside China’s unsung virtuosos but also embarked on introspective journeys, contemplating the trajectories of their lives.

Amidst China’s cautious emergence post-Covid, Mandarin Film adeptly managed the intricacies of visa processing and leveraged its extensive network for local support, ensuring that the filming unfolded without a hitch. This marked one of the first international productions to be approved in China post-pandemic.

A highlight of the China episode is the presence of Guilherme, a seasoned acrobat and special guest host. After a decade of honing his art in China, he eagerly reconnected with his Beijing acrobatic kin. This homecoming was punctuated by the surprise rediscovery of his old Feicha (Flying Fork)—a cherished acrobatic apparatus he had left behind in 2020. Guilherme’s reunion with his beloved prop delivered moments of delight as audiences watched the fork soar and dance in his skilled grasp.

Yet, the whimsy of fork flight met the reality of travel, as Guilherme faced the daunting task of maneuvering the oversized utensil through airport security. Behind the scenes, a playful moment ensued as Guilherme unveiled hisunique solution devised for such predicaments – ingeniously securing the fork in a PVC tube to safely transport it back to Brazil, reuniting performer and prop in a fitting ending to an epic journey circus journey…