Script Writing, Research and Development

Mandarin Film has a bilingual team of script writers that can ‘blue sky think’ your project, brainstorm together and come up with a number of options based on your brief. We work closely and collaboratively to come up with concepts that will hit the sweet spots and key target audience.

We are often approached when existing concepts are in development or have been green-lit but the China content is still hazy.  We can bring these scripts into focus by hunting down great characters, experts, academics or stories that will shake the story into life and delight an international or Chinese audience.‘Fresh China Works’ is the Mandarin Film tagline – which means we go after new, interesting and never-been-done-before content, or give a fresh and piquant twist to an old story.

Examples of ‘script to screen’ work are the campaigns for real estate developers Kardan Land and Parkview Green, in the documentary world there is Green China Rising, Thirsty Earth and Brocade Wars, and in terms of NGO work there is ACCC and INBAR.