Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production

Mandarin Film has worked with major international brands like Microsoft, Volkswagen, Reebok and Intel to cover a range of needs from glossy commercials to viral videos and live streams.

As video consumption becomes ever more sophisticated and attention spans for corporate videos ever shorter, customers are becoming ever more inured to the ‘hard sell’.  For more than eight years Mandarin Film has been dedicated to employing documentary techniques that bring a sense of authenticity and truth to the corporate world.  That doesn’t mean we can’t do glossy, beautiful shoots too – but we always look to our core strengths in documentary production as a compass to guide us.

Script to Screen In-House Production Service

Because we have a strong in-house team and also run an equipment house, stock footage database and editing suites all based in Beijing, we can offer an unparalleled bilingual ‘script to screen’ service.  Turnkey services that Mandarin Film can offer are: casting, bi-lingual story development and script writing, location scouting, research, budgeting, fixing, live-streaming, international standard cameramen, directors, editors and other crew.

A bi-lingual China-based Team

Local China knowledge is absolutely fundamental to making shoots in China a success, and all the more so if your ultimate audience is Chinese.  Mandarin Film prides itself that in being a through and through bi-lingual, China-based operation with international experience and standards.

Viral Video Production

Viral videos are becoming more popular as marketing messages get sleeker and more subtle. With its strength in documentary and TV, Mandarin Film has a strong advantage in presenting corporate messaging in a way that is acceptable and compelling to an international (or Chinese) audience.

Because Mandarin Film is based in China, we have much more of a ‘finger on the pulse’ for new happenings, fashions and social media trends that can capture the zeitgeist and lead to great viral videos. We also partner with a number of animation, social media and SEO companies in China that can make sure your message gets out there. Increasingly we are working on commercial partnerships and tie-ins with TV that can lead to a massive audience share and win-win deals for corporate sponsors and TV broadcasters.

Mandarin Film produced a series of viral videos for Volkswagen and Bentley with global stars Jay Leno and Jackie Chan, made a ‘video book’ showcasing China’s greenest building that was watched by HRH the Prince of Monaco, has produced event videos for Starbucks and IWC Watches and is contracted to provide video production services across Asia Pacific for Intel.

We love to work with great clients and help to bring their vision to life, we look forward to hearing from you – in the meantime, please feel free to check out more of our corporate works.

Branded content on TV and online

Mandarin Film has contacts within China, across Asia and the World to offer corporate clients opportunities to get their branded content into living rooms, and onto smart phones and tablets.

In many ways China is leading the world in this field and TV stations and internet portals are becoming ever more sophisticated in blending their programming with subtle (or unsubtle!) branding that reaches mass audiences in a way that they can accept and embrace.

Contact us for more details on ways that we can make this happen for you.