Co-Production in China

Co-Production in China

Demand for documentaries is exploding in China, as are opportunities to work and co-produce with Chinese broadcasters.

Mandarin Film is a specialist in bridging the gap between international and Chinese broadcasters. We are a trusted and experienced partner, and have a passion for making great work.

One of the first independent production companies to be working in China, Mandarin Film has helped find funding and co-pro partners for a wide range of projects in China and overseas, covering science, wildlife, current affairs and history.

Because we are based in Beijing (China’s TV production hub) we are close to many of the major broadcasters who are interested in partnering on international co-productions, including CCTV9 (Documentary Channel), CCTV10 (Science and Education), CICC, Beijing TV and Shanghai Media Group.

Mandarin Film regularly attends major international production markets around the world and works with international broadcasters like the BBC, PBS, Arte, ZDF, Sky, National Geographic, Discovery and many more. Within China Mandarin Film is an active player in the TV and documentary world, taking part in conferences, markets and events that keep us up to date with the latest goings on; programming news, hot topics and new sensitivities and trends that affect what Chinese broadcasters want to co-produce on.

Our team is thoroughly bi-lingual from top to bottom and has many years cultivating the all important guanxi (relationships) that are crucial to making a success of co-productions in China. Bilingual founder Patrick Carr is a well-known figure in the documentary world in China and regularly pops up on panels, screenings and TV as an expert ‘old China hand’.

Specific examples of co-productions include working with Spain’s Art Commissioners on award-winning feature doc How much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr Foster?, producing a one hour doc for Nat Geo Asia Green China Rising that has been shown around the world, and one offs for CICC (Thirsty Earth) and Discovery Asia (Brocade Wars).

Mandarin Film is always on the lookout for co-production partners who want to take part in (or present to us) some of the most exciting and ambitious projects to be filmed in China.