Mandarin Film has helped find funding and co-pro partners for a wide range of projects in China and overseas, covering science, wildlife, current affairs and history. We are always on the lookout for co-production partners who want to take part in some of the most exciting and ambitious projects in China.

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Production services

We'€™re here to help you make your shoot work in China.
With that aim in mind, we'€™ll support you '€˜script to screen and anything in between€™'.

Here are just some of the services MF offers:

Pre Production: Budgeting, Location Scouting, Research, Fixing, Story Development, Script Writing, Studio Booking, Casting, Visa and Permissions

During the Shoot: Line Production, Equipment Hire, Local Crew Hire, Fixing, Translation, Stills, Government Liaison, Dailies/Telecine

Post Production: Film or Digital Post-production Work-Flow, Encoding, Editing, Translation, Transcription, Subtitling (any language)

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Script Writing: Mandarin Film has a bilingual team of scriptwriters that can blue sky think your project, brainstorm together and come up with a number of options based on your brief.

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Permissions, Permits and Visa: Before you get too excited about your new idea, you will need to make sure you can get the required permissions to come and shoot in China.

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Documentary Filmmaking: Mandarin Film is an award-winning documentary production company which has produced and directed a vast range of domestic and internationaldocumentaries.

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Corporate Video Production: Mandarin Film has worked with major international brands like Microsoft, Volkswagen, Reebok and Intel to cover a range of needs from glossycommercials to viral videos and live streams.

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Location scouting

Mandarin Film has shot and scouted all over China. From the grasslands of Inner Mongolia to the bustling streets of Shanghai, the lush forests of Yunnan to the harsh Taklamakan desert, we have the contacts and the local knowledge you need.

Please take a look at our locations page for some ideas on where to shoot your production. Then give us a call or drop us a line and we'€™ll be happy to talk it through with you further.

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Crew hire

Your crew are the single most important factor in making your shoot a success. It will start with choosing the right production company - by reading this, you'€™re well on the way to making the right choice there.

Mandarin Film knows you'€™ll need bi-lingual, highly talented crew that understand international professional standards and technical requirements. Local crew will also give you a crucial advantage: local knowledge. Whether it'€™s what to say to the suspicious security guard, where to get a perfect top-shot, or what dish to order for the local official you'€™re trying to impress, Mandarin Film crew can help.

We can supply everyone from directors,fixers, translators and drivers to DPs, gaffers and sound technicians. We can even get you a Chinese director or a wire-work specialist if you want,€“ just ask.

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Film Equipment Hire

Mandarin Film supplies international camera crews with the best quality equipment, in perfect working order, at a reasonable price. Contact us to get a quote, and if you can'€™t see what you are looking for below, chances are we can find it for you.

Wide variety of professional production equipment is available including film cameras, digital cameras, sound equipment, lighting equipment, tripods, dollies, cranes and wires.

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