• 2013
  • 2 x 5 minutes
  • Internet, Social Media and Public Screen release
  • Global Videos featuring well known stars Jay Leno and Jackie Chan.

Mandarin Film produced global viral video hits for Bentley and Volkswagen, featuring Jackie Chan and Jay Leno. 

MF produced two viral videos for Bentley’s “Mulsanne visionaries” series, featuring actor Jackie Chan and Pritzer-winning architect Wang Shu. For Volkswagen, Mandarin Film shot US prime time host Jay Leno driving around modern and ancient parts of Beijing.

The shoot was challenging in a number of ways, from dealing with worldwide megastars to setting up intricate car cameras, from scouting Great Wall shoot locations to getting cars stuck in Hutongs, it was never dull.  And the results are there for all to see.

The Bentley and Volkwagen videos have proven global viral video successes, with a combined total of over one million hits.