AUG 16 2019

This Is Football《这就是足球》

This Is Football《这就是足球》


This is Football is a landmark six parts feature documentary series for Amazon Prime that explores football and its impact on global cultureCo-written by journalist John Carlin and produced by Brutal OctoberMandarin Film helped with all aspects of the production in China.

《这就是足球》是一部共分为6集具有里程碑意义的系列纪录片,该片在亚马逊Prime播出,探讨足球及其对全球文化的影响。该纪录片由记者约翰·卡林联合编剧,Brutal October公司制作。华影制片帮助了该片在中国的制作。

This is Football - Official Trailer from Mandarin Film on Vimeo.

Across the episodes the project explores universal themes of the human experience: redemption, hope, love, fate, wonder, faith, through incredible stories turned up from every continent on Earth. The China part is a real-life story about a team of football players in Zhengzhou and how they play football in a unique way in a city they love.


“In the year of World Cup, as a huge Chinese football fan, it’s an honour and quite exciting experience to be part of an international series documentary about football which filmed in my hometown Zhengzhou. I’m proud of my team, the Thursday Football Club. I hope our story may inspire more amateur football players, and encourage them to be more creative when facing challenges, and let the passion towards football become a significant part of their lives. ” – Mr. Ba, This is Football contributor

在世界杯的这一年,作为一名中国的超级足球迷,能在我的家乡郑州拍摄关于足球的国际系列纪录片的一部分,是一种荣誉,也是一种激动人心的经历。为我的球队——星期四足球俱乐部感到骄傲。希望我们的故事可以激励更多的业余足球运动员,鼓励他们面对挑战时更有创造力,让对足球的热情成为他们生活中重要的一部分。 ————巴先生,《这就是足球》主人公

Key challenges for the production were obtaining all the permissions necessary to access filming a China Football Association Super League match: Henan Jianye vs Hebei Huaxia, drone filming access and very quickly assemble local drone pilot, cameraman and additional kit on the ground.

在该纪录片制作中最大的挑战是,获得拍摄中国足球协会超级联赛:河南建业VS河北华夏 的所有权限,包括无人机的拍摄许可,以及迅速召集无人机飞手、摄影师和所需设备的就位。

“Thank you Shan-Shan, for working so tirelessly with us over the last few months to even get us to China and for your dedicated work while we were filming. You really impressed us all with your professionalism and ability to get the impossible to happen! Thank everyone involved in making our shoot possible in Zhengzhou. We had a really fantastic time and got some incredible footage that’s going to really stand out on screen.”  – Sophie Cunningham, This Is Football Producer

谢谢珊珊,在过去的几个月里,你不知疲倦地和我们一起工作,甚至让我们来到了中国,感谢你在我们拍摄期间辛勤的工作。你的专业能力和竭力解决各种不可能发生的事情的精神,给我们留下了深刻的印象!以及感谢所有参与我们在郑州拍摄此纪录片的人。我们一起度过了非常美妙的时光,拍摄了一些不可思议的一眼就能在画面上脱颖而出的镜头。 ———— Sophie Cunningham,《这就是足球》制片人

Working closely with CITVC (China International Television Corporation), Mandarin Film was able to obtain permissions for all of the filming sites and appropriate visas for the foreign crew.



This Is Football is now aired on Amazon Prime. The China rooftop pitch story appears in the full episodes.



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