OCT 11 2019



Pulse of the Planet is an inspirational new series which will tell the history of remarkable global trade networks through eight products, exploring key moments, worldwide shifts, and changing trends. Mandarin Film worked with renowned UK indie Lion TV to make it happen.


In Shanghai, we filmed leading specialty coffee brand Seesaw, one of the earliest whisky bars Labs Whisky & Cocktail, and the most popular bicycle franchise Brompton Junction. In Yiwu, we filmed handbag dealers in one of the largest markets in the world. Different key products have shed light on how China has become the most important market in the world. We interviewed the founders and key staff to discover how their innovative ideas could impact Chinese economy and reshape people’s lifestyles.

拍摄地点在充满活力的大都市上海和全球商业中心义乌。在上海,我们拍摄了领先行业的咖啡品牌Seesaw,最早成立的威士忌酒吧和威士忌与鸡尾酒实验室,以及最受欢迎的自行车品牌 Brompton Junction。在义乌,我们拍摄了义乌市场的手袋经销商。不同的关键商品展示了中国如何成为世界上最重要的市场。我们也采访了创始人/店长,了解他们的创新性的理念如何影响中国的经济以及改变人们的生活方式。

Mandarin Film took on producing the China segment of “Pulse of the Planet”. We helped research potential interesting stories, logistics planning, helped the crew to apply for J2 visa and obtained all location permits.



Applying for J2 visa for the crew and the filming permits in the city’s most iconic places with little time proved challenging. Right before the crew was due to arrive from the UK there was the Spring Festival (China’s biggest holiday) and National Congress Conference (China’s major political conference), making the administrative procedure to approve international crew filming in China slow and lengthy.



It was a wonderful trip for the filming crew: the shoot began with enjoying Seesaw’s many flavours of specialty coffee, tasting aromatic Scottish whiskey, and wrapping up with a cocktail in hand, sitting on the balcony of the historical Fairmont Peace hotel and enjoying the amazing night view of the Bund. 


Lion Television is one of Britain’s largest and most successful independent production companies providing programming for all of the major UK terrestrial broadcasters, (BBC, PBS ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5) and many of the digital and cable channels. Mandarin Film is proud to have cooperated with Lion TV for numerous projects in China over the last 12 years.

雄狮电视是英国最大且最成功的的电视制作公司之一,其纪录片在BBC (英国广播公司)、PBS(美国广播公司)、ITV(英国独立电视台) 、Channel 4(英国第四频道)、Channel 5 (英国第五频道)、National Geographic (国家地理频道)等电视媒体以及其他数字媒体播出,在业界享有很高的声誉。作为雄狮电视制作公司的长期合作伙伴,华影青橙非常荣幸地参与了雄狮电视在中国制作的高品质纪实内容项目。


The news documentary was aired on BBC World News in September 2019.