NOV 25 2014

Parkview Green Modules

Parkview Green Modules

Mandarin Film outdid itself in completing a series of eight corporate/viral videos, at very high quality, in just six short weeks script to screen, for a royal audience in August 2014.

Real Estate developer Qiaofu Group wanted a series of videos made for their new mixed-use real estate development in Central Beijing Parkview Green.  We were to make a series of videos for all uses - to show to potential office and retail tenants, a video showcasing the five star hotel, and most importantly four videos for the general public to be used on the website and on screens around the building - a montage video, a general introduction, two green features videos and a video showcasing the amazing art around the building.

There was a major kicker - the videos had to be ready in six weeks to be loaded onto a video book made exclusively for the visit of the Prince of Monaco.  The Prince is a renowned environmentalist so it was all important to show him a video that convinced him of the building’s green credentials.

After much research, blue-sky thinking, coffee-drinking and storyboarding the concept for the series was settled: to show Parkview Green for the architecturally stunning, fun, creative, passionate, artsy, green building that it is, and to trumpet these features not through management or ‘voice of god’, but through tenant and customers who really love the building and are at least as passionate about it, sometimes even more so, as the management.  We wanted also to let the building do the talking for itself.  The graphics needed to fit in with that concept - and we decided on some key ‘text inserts’ that would emphasize key messages while keeping us locked in on the most important feature of the video - the building space.

Mandarin Film got to work - engaging award-winning international design agency Studio Output the graphics components, and working closely with the Parkview Green team we scripted, shot and edited the eight modules on schedule and on budget.

The Prince of Monaco was delighted with what he saw, and the client was too.


Mandarin Film provided key skills: script writing, casting, fixing, location scouting, recce, crew hire, kit hire, cameraman, soundman, directing, director, subtitling, editing, editor,translation,media