NOV 06 2017

Mandarin Film is proud to have been a production partner to this amazing film, an endeavor of over three years involving scores of talented people from China, the UK and beyond.

“From BBC Earth Films, the studio that brought you Earth, comes the long-awaited sequel – Earth: One Amazing Day, an astonishing journey revealing the awesome power of the natural world, narrated by the Oscar-winning American movie icon, Robert Redford.”

This is a landmark film in many ways.  A true China-UK collaboration that will be of key interest to the wider industry as it is the first film to be produced under the new UK-China film treaty, signed by President Xi Jinping and then Prime Minister David Cameron in 2014.

A co-production between BBC Earth Films and China’s Shanghai Media Group, Mandarin Film played a key role not only in helping facilitate the film within the terms of the treaty, but also by shooting key elements in China, and, perhaps most importantly, helping ensure that the Chinese version was every bit as good as the international one.

A year’s preparation went into pinpointing the perfect Chinese director (Fan Lixin), screenwriter (Yan Geling) and narrator (Jackie Chan) for their roles, as well as recruiting the best below the line talent that China has to offer, including producers, cameramen, sound engineers, even accountants who could take on a project of this international complexity.

Highlights including Jackie Chan’s incredibly high energy-yet-marathon recording sessions, and Alex Heffes  and Roc Chen’ s collaboration to create a soaring musical score with a 120 piece Chinese orchestra, recorded in Beijing.  Reviews reflect the hard work, skill and dedication that everyone put in.

LA Times Review

China Daily Review

Hollywood Reporter Review

On the production side, we filmed Pandas, Cranes and Langur Monkeys using gimbal and drone rigs specifically designed for each shoot.

World premiere was in Beijing in August 2017.  The film has gone on to gross over seven million USD in China alone, and is now on general release in theaters around the world.

For us ‘One Amazing Day’ has been Three Amazing Years.  

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NOV 06 2017

Mandarin Film has just won the Best Pitch at 2017 “Gold Panda” Documentary Film Pitch. The event is jointly organized by Sichuan TV Festival and China Intercontinental Communication Center and Mandarin Film won with their pitch  “China’s Greatest Poet Du Fu”, a co-production documentary project between Mandarin Film and London-based renowned British production house MayaVision.

China’s Greatest Poet Du Fu was among the nine finalists chosen from hundreds of pitching projects. The Pitch Program had a team of judges from both TV and online from China and abroad, including CCTV9, National Geographic Channel, Discovery, A+E Networks, Tencent Video, Anhui TV, etc.

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APR 20 2017

China’s first international Virtual Reality (VR) travel series was created when Mandarin Film partnered with Discovery US and luxury travel operator Abercrombie & Kent.

The highly skilled international team travelled across the length and breadth of China, using the latest cutting edge techniques in VR filming to capture everything from iconic locations, hidden gems (and of course panda bears) to make an incredibly rich, visually stunning and beautifully diverse series.

In just ten days, the crew travelled across the major cities and landmarks of China: Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chongqing, Chengdu, and cruised along the Yangtze River to bring China’s highlights to the world’s eye using VR – Mandarin Film conducted research and location scouts during pre-production as well arranged all location access for the shoot, as well as providing key crew and fixing services for the duration of the shoot.

Mandarin Film was able to gain exclusive access into Beijing’s most sacred temple Temple of Heaven and one of the world’s most visited tourist sites XiAn’s Terra Cotta Warriors with nobody else inside, which gave them a great chance to capture a moment of zen.

The Terracotta Warriors was shot using a cutting edge technique known as photogrammetry - taking photos from all angles then stitching and mapping them in post-production to bring out an incredibly detailed 360-degree feel. 

Photogrammetry is used in fields such as topographic mapping, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, police investigation, and geology. Archaeologists use it to quickly produce plans of large or complex sites, and meteorologists use it to determine the wind speed of a tornados when objective weather data cannot be obtained.

It is also used to combine live action with computer-generated imagery in movies post-production; The Matrix is a good example of the use of photogrammetry in film (details are given in the DVD extras). Photogrammetry was used extensively to create photorealistic environmental assets for video games including The Vanishing of Ethan Carter as well as EA DICE's Star Wars Battlefront.

Other techniques were designed to give VR users insane birds-eye or action adventure views: whether be using camera to follow a kite-flyer on the busy Bund of Shanghai or sliding down the Great Wall toboggan, the journey was definitely one filled with great surprises and wonders of an authentic China.

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