SEP 14 2018

Mandarin Film has developed a new TV and interactive web series following travel adventurer Ash Dykes on his mission to be the first person to walk the entire length of the Yangtze River.  The show is provisionally entitled Walking the Yangtze: Into the Heart of China.

华影青橙正在策划一个新的电视和互动网络系列片,该片将跟随第一位徒步穿越整条长江的旅行探险家Ash Dykes。节目暂命名为《徒步长江:走进中国腹地》

In this incredible new series, British adventurer Ash Dykes takes us on his most ambitious record- attempt yet: the Yangtze, which is the longest river in Asia and spans across 6,380km long. 

在这部全新的非同凡响的系列片里,英国探险家Ash Dykes将带领我们领略他最具野心的创纪录探索:亚洲最长的河流----长江,全长6380千米。

Starting with the freezing temperatures in the west to a tropical environment in the east, Ash’s survival skills as well as his curiosity for new cultures and adventures will make this an unforgettable epic adventure and a world record. 


Ash has now officially made it to the source of the Yangtze river on his second attempt and is beginning his world-first, 4,000 mile #MissionYangtze expedition. He's returned with a stronger support crew and his trusty(?) horse, Caster Troy, ready to take on the first and most dangerous 200 miles of terrain as they head towards mountain village Qumarleb over the next 2-3 weeks.


The ‘Traditional Source’ was one start point considered to begin the journey, however Ash chose to begin at the harder-to-reach ‘Scientific Source’, ensuring that #MissionYangtze started at the official, scientifically recognised source of the Yangtze river for this world-first adventure, as mapped by the China Exploration and Research Society.


Click here to see estimated timelines for when Ash is expecting to pass through the different stages of the journey and follow him in real time on the Live Tracker to see if he is on target to meet his time goals.

点击链接 来查看Ash整个旅途的时间轴,上面会显示不同的阶段他会途径哪些不同的地方。也可以在Live Tracker上实时地追随他的行程,也可以看他是否完成了时间轴预设的目标。

Mandarin Film is partnering with global distributor Bomanbridge and web and TV partners in China and internationally to produce the TV and web series that has already begun production and will be delivered in late 2019.


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SEP 14 2018

The Grand Tour is a British motoring television series for Amazon Video, presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

《大世界之旅》是一档汽车类电视节目,由亚马逊视频投资, 由杰瑞米·克拉克森、理查德·哈蒙德和詹姆斯·梅主持。

The show was Amazon Video’s most watched premiere episode, and although no viewing figures are available is generally regarded as one of the most watched TV shows in the world, even surpassing Game of Thrones in terms of ‘most illegally downloaded show’!


Mandarin Film worked with UK-based production company Chump Productions to create and shoot an episode on China for the third season of the series.  A Mandarin Film team of producers helped source stories and characters and then worked on the laborious task of getting China-wide permissions for importing cars, obtaining driving licenses and getting permits for a crew of more than 80, with over fifteen vehicles for a two week shoot.  

华影青橙与英国的制作公司Chump Productions共同制作了节目第三季的中国特集。华影青橙的制片团队在中国寻找故事和人物角色,为期两周的拍摄面临艰巨的挑战,包括申请全国范围内的汽车进口许可,获得驾驶许可证,为由80个人、15辆汽车组成的摄制团队获得拍摄许可。

The shoot took place in several provinces in South China, and included scenes of the presenters exploring China, driving some amazing roads and performing dare-devil stunts.  One of the many challenges of the shoot was to get temporary driving licenses for the cast and crew. Something that had never been permitted before. Mandarin Film also managed to gain support from different local government bodies allowing the crew to film on the jaw-dropping highway and bridge constructions in the stunning southern mountain areas. The shoot was a huge success and will be aired in early 2019.


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AUG 14 2018

Food Unwrapped is a long-running popular Channel 4 TV show that travels the world exploring the industry secrets behind our favourite foods.

From tins of bamboo shoots and cloves of garlic to noodles and tea, in this food unwrapped China special Ricochet wanted to explore the origins of China’s  amazing foods.

Food safety can be a sensitive subject in China so we had to navigate those sensitivities whilst dealing with complicated visas and permitting, always with an eye on researching great stories that would chime with a UK audience.  Without giving too much away we found some incredibly entertaining and yet informative stories across China, filming simultaneously with two separate crews in 8 different cities across Beijing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Jiangxi, and Jiangsu Provinces over 10 days.

Highlights of the shoot included capturing Matt Tebutt opening a freshly fished clam to discover dozens of pearls inside. Other great moments were host Jimmy Doherty making traditional soy sauce at a picturesque riverside with 3000 pots of fermenting soy beans and later foraging bamboo shoots on the film set of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

(Jimmy’s team filming at the traditional soy sauce factory)

Mandarin Film provided full production services from research, location scouting, logistics and official permissions, to crew, equipment and production staff on the shoots.

“Thank you Yuyu and team for looking after everyone so well, especially in some challenging situations!” Hannah Lamb, Ricochet

“When I first arrived in China it was a bit of a culture shock, the hustle and bustle, the food, the driving, the no holding doors! But after a day or so I got into it and within not long loved it. That’s largely down to Yuyu not only being an ace location producer but also such a great on and off camera translator and guide. Made the whole experience really smooth and efficient. From sourcing new crew at very short notice and going the extra mile to make sure we got the shots we needed and seeing all the interesting sights we could in our limited time.” Joss Cubitt, Ricochet

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