JUN 04 2019

Mandarin Film is proud to have collaborated with Silverback Films to shoot award-winning wildlife/environmental series Our Planet, narrated by David Attenborough.


华影青橙于201811月协助英国制作公司银背” Silverback Films完成我们的星球项目拍摄。


Our Planet is a large-scale trans-media project, aiming to reach one billion people across the world in order to change the way they think about Earth and the challenges the future brings. Global broadcast partners Netflix, the World Wildlife Fund and Silverback Films, the creators of Planet Earth(the highest-rated TV series of all time on IMDB), partnered to create the most powerful media project promoting environmental consciousness the world has ever seen. Watch the trailer!


《我们的星球》是一个长周期、大规模的跨媒介项目。该项目致力于影响全球各地区的十亿观众,希望转变观众对于地球以及人们所面临挑战的看法。作为IMDB网站有史以来评分最高的电视节目《地球脉动》的制作公司Silverback Films 联合包括全球最大的线视频网站Netflix世界自然基金会WWF在内的合作伙伴,共同策划了这个有史以来在环保方面最具影响力的影视项目。请看片花!


The program demonstrates how China is leading the way to a clean future through renewable energy projects. Contributors to the project included world renowned architects, academics, and innovative landscape architect Kongjian Yu.


The program shows how Yu Kongjian’s work Houtan Park Expo Sponge City — has made an impact on the environment surrounding the city.




We also filmed a group of children who have been called to action to protect the environment as they use their imagination to explore fresh ideas for innovative clean energy.





Mandarin Film helped research and realize all stories and locations. Working together with our partners we were proud to help deliver what we believe to be a truly moving documentary, and a stimulus for real change.




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MAY 07 2019

Mandarin Film worked together with Studio Lambert, an award-winning British TV production company, to produce an original travel documentary program, “Race Across the World”.

华影青橙与英国获奖无数的电视制作公司Studio Lambert联合制作了原创旅行纪录片节目Race Across The World。

In this series, 6 teams of British contestants travel from London, through Europe, and into Asia, to race to their final destination, Singapore. Their journey shows thehistory, sights, local cuisine, and culture of each country they pass through along the way.


Mandarin Film took on producing the China segment of “Race Across the World”. We helped research potential interesting stories, and obtained location permits across Gansu, Shan’Xi, Sichuan, and Guangxi Provinces. 




Not your standard travel documentary, this British reality show is known for being “unscripted”. Producers cannot pre-plan routes or schedule shoots beforehand like on a usual travel program. Instead, the contestants were the “bosses”, where they wanted to go, the film crew followed.



The uncertainty of at what time and by what route the contestants would arrive posed the biggest challenge to our producers. We had to be prepared for every possible path and be flexible with last minute changes. Acting on the contestants’ decisions, we needed to make logistical arrangements and contact locations quickly to keep the filming running smoothly.


After 8 exciting days, contestant Joshua Nawras declared, “China is the best country we’ve been to so far!”


“Race Across the World” is currently airing on BBC 2Click here to watch the show!《Race Across The World》现在已经在英国广播公司(BBC)的第二频道播出。点击这里观看节目!

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APR 23 2019

OK folks so Spring Festival has passed. The pig has chased off the chicken and now rules the roost.


Apparently anyone who is born in the year of the pig is studious and gallant, has tremendous inner strength, will not hesitate to strive for their goals, is quiet but well informed, kind, affectionate and loyal for life.  Long story short, in China, being a pig is actually pretty darned cool. 


Here at Mandarin Film, our annual Chinese New Year tradition is to share the ten most mind-blowing locations that we have had the pleasure of filming at this year.  If you’re curious about filming in China or partnering with us on a project,  please feel free to reach out!


10. Vast Floating Solar Farms, Yangtze River


Yes, floating solar farms are a thing, and of course, in China they are the biggest and the best.  


The vast fields of panels that sit atop the Yangtze river are known as the largest floating solar project in the world. Having said this, given the brisk pace China is building more renewable projects, it’s unlikely to hold that title for very long.


The floating power plant will produce enough energy to power 15,000 homes. Building on bodies of water, especially manmade lakes that are not ecologically sensitive, helps protect agricultural land and terrestrial ecosystems from being developed for destructive energy use. The water also cools the electronics in the solar panels, helping them to work more efficiently.


The panels featured in Our Planet, a film for Netflix by Silverback Films in association with WWFSee the Trailer here.


9. Loopy Bridges in Shanghai


Car shoots in Shanghai are pretty standard, but our client Final Frame in Germany wanted to make this one stand out – so we bridged that valley to get extra super-duper cool locations for the Hella shoot. Nanpu Bridge is as rad as bridges get in Shanghai – and of course you need to shoot it with a drone to get the full effect.  This video recently won gold at the New York Festival TV and Film Awards.  See our number one location slot below for Britain’s schoolboy answer to Nanpu Bridge.


8. Beijing Palace Eaves - Wild Metropolis


The Beijing Swift is so famous it is the emblem of Beijing’s foremost beer.  The swift nests in some of the city’s most spectacular locations – including the Summer Palace and Zhengyang Gate at Tiananmen Square, presenting tricky access challenges for the filming crew.  In this film we worked with the BBC to overcome access obstacles and film these amazing birds that fly 30,000 kilometers a year and rarely touch the ground.


Wild Metropolis is a new landmark three part wildlife series made for the BBC with co-producers Tencent (China) and PBS (US). 

7. Virtual Battles and Foggy Steppes , Inner Mongolia


Yes – virtual locations are still locations!  In this case, shooting Genghis Khan battlefield plates and short scenes on the Mongolian Steppe for a huge computer game franchise.



This was our producer Shan Shan’s favorite ever shoot – even though it was foggy every day and the whole shoot needed to be squeezed into the few hours on the final day when the fog finally lifted.  Phew!

6. The Long Game, Heqing, Yunnan Province 

In early 2018 US news site Upworthy, http://www.upworthy.com commissioned Mandarin Film to produce a short video as part of a global series about long term change-makers, entitled ‘the Long Game’.  



We arranged at Heqing, Yunnan Province in China’s far South-West corner, to film TNC’s work around Plateau Wetland and Bird Habitat Conservation.  We were blown away by what we witnessed.  Amongst the rapid development of the area what we found was a quiet, clean heaven for birds of every stripe, and a paradise for bird watchers and nature-lovers.


5. Food Glorious Food, Food Unwrapped
Food is a national obsession in China, and food junkies will go to any extremes to get their gastronomic fix.

Food Unwrapped is a long-running popular Channel 4 TV show that travels the world exploring the industry secrets behind our favourite foods. 


Highlights of the shoot included capturing Matt Tebutt opening a freshly fished clam to discover dozens of pearls inside, Jimmy Doherty making traditional soy sauce at a picturesque riverside with 3000 pots of fermenting soy beans and, the star of the show – a five year old boy showing our host how to forage bamboo shoots on the wild film set of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.


Food Unwrapped China Special Part 1 https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6jf97f 

Food Unwrapped China Special Part 2 https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6jf97g 


4. A Sweep of West China 


From JiayuGuan – The Great Wall’s westernmost watchtower in the desert, to the tropical lush waterfalls of Detian, these were some of the most challenging shoot locations in all of China. The journey led our multiple camera crews from the furthermost border of Horgos in north-west of China, to Pingxiang at the China-Vietnam border in the south west, Mandarin Film took these teams across half of China to make this challenging show happen.




Mandarin Film worked with Studio Lambert, an award-winning TV production company to help with the China portion of this original travel documentary programme entitled ‘Race Across the World’. Watch the trailer here and the China episode here

3. Death Defying Cliff Climbs - Langur Monkey

The beautiful karst landscapes of south west China make a dramatic backdrop to the death defying free solo climbs of the langurs troupes.  Move over Alex Honnold - Langurs, some as young as six months old, make these daily climbs from the forest floor to their citadels on the cliff tops.  

Mandarin Film is co-producing a new one hour wildlife documentary with Earth Touch for CCTV9, Smithsonian and ORF.  This 4K documentary will showcase these critically endangered langurs in their breathtaking karst homeland of Guangxi.  Already in production, watch out for these cliff-climbing primates with white mohicans and bright orange babies in summer 2020! 

2. Start at the Source

Mandarin Film is producing a new TV and interactive webseries following travel adventurer Ash Dykes on his mission to be the first person to walk the entire length of the Yangtze River.  The show is provisionally entitled Walking the Yangtze: Into the Heart of China.
In this incredible new series, British adventurer Ash Dykes takes us on his most ambitious record- attempt yet: the Yangtze, which is the longest river in Asia and spans across 6,380km long.

Click here to see estimated timelines for when Ash is expecting to pass through the different stages of the journey and follow him in real time on the Live Tracker to see if he is on target to set a new world record..
Mandarin Film is partnering with global distributor Bomanbridge and web and TV partners in China and internationally to produce the TV and webseries that has already begun production and will be delivered in late 2019. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCholW9FU8n9pCE_3OK6t2Lw

1. Flame Throwing Drones and Three Wheel Mishaps, Guizhou  

From in-car saunas to goose-intestine hot pot, million-dollar luxury cars to three-wheeler stunts, the China episode of Amazon Prime’s ‘The Grand Tour’ is a sight to behold.  
The show was Amazon Video’s most watched premiere episode, and although no viewing figures are availableit is generally regarded as one of the most watched TV shows in the world, even surpassing Game of Thrones in terms of ‘most illegally downloaded show’!


The shoot took place in several provinces in South China, and included scenes of the presenters exploring China, driving some amazing roads and performing dare-devil stunts.  One of the many challenges of the shoot was to get temporary driving licenses for the cast and crew. Something that had never been permitted before. We filmed a million dollar car, and gained support from different local government bodies allowing the crew to film on the jaw-dropping highway and bridge constructions of China’s stunning southern mountain areas. 


Watch out for the schoolboy bridge scene….


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