JAN 08 2015

Meet Me at Starbucks

Meet Me at Starbucks

Mandarin Film is proud to be part of Starbucks’ biggest worldwide campaign “Meet Me at Starbucks”- On this project we continued the collaboration with New York-based Co-Mission Content Group. Mandarin Film was chosen as the production company to represent China. On the 3rd September, 2014 together with 28 teams in other countries we are proud to have taken part in one of the companies’ biggest and most ambitious campaigns.

Starbucks wanted to catch the good things happening when people get together there. It will be screened as viral video for their worldwide online Campaign “Meet Me at Starbucks”.  After our research on the time when people meet face to face in Starbucks, we found the moments are not just about coffee- there are always a lot of moving stories happening every second. To get people together on that particular day, we launched an activity called “Get Together at Starbucks” on SNS/social media platforms in China to call for people come and stories happen during our shooting day.

We featured the Starbucks at Kerry Center Beijing. People who are couples, who are co-workers, who are friends, yoga lovers, rock singers, or simply coffee lovers met at Starbucks, and we have caught their emotional, happy, exciting, warm moments.  For each team in every city, the average amount of on-screen time would be just 10 seconds!  But to show the most stunning, magic moments in Starbucks Beijing, and give the editors something to work with, we tried our best to collect twenty great stories in one day.

Our clip on the Spochan practitioners was put into the worldwide version, which is also our longest shooting part of that day. Co. Mission is very happy to see our work, and the client was delighted with this one too.

I wanted to let you know that the Starbucks work launched today…To date, it's the biggest branding initiative that Starbucks has ever done.  It came out amazing, thanks to each of you. Cheers and a big heartfelt thank you from all of us at Co.MISSION.  You should be very proud.  I can confidently say that you are amongst the most talented cinematographers, producers and photographers on the face of the planet.  My hope going forward is that you will also now think of yourselves as part of the Co.MISSION family.”  Harrison Winter, Founder, Co-Mission Content

Here is the link to the video.