SEP 18 2019

Lupe Fiasco Knows Kung Fu 嘻哈艺人功夫行

Lupe Fiasco Knows Kung Fu 嘻哈艺人功夫行


Mandarin Film worked with Netflix and Hong Kong based production companies The Mustard Collective and Icicle to produce an exciting new reality TV show starring US hip-hop artist, Lupe Fiasco影青橙近期协助网飞Netflix、香港的制作公司The Mustard CollectiveIcicle制作了一部由嘻哈艺人Lupe Fiasco领衔出演的真实有趣的新版电视秀。


The premise of the series is intriguing – what would some of the world’s biggest stars be doing if they weren’t doing what made them famous?  Lupe journeys to China to discover his huge passion before rap: Kung Fu. 这是个有趣的系列故事 -如果闻名世界的大明星不做他们的本职工作,那他们会做什么呢?Lupe在中国之旅中找寻他在说唱事业之前的最大兴趣:功夫。


A little known fact about Lupe is that he has been training in martial arts since he was three years old in Chicago.   Together with Icicle and The Mustard Collective we were able to make Lupe’s dreams come true as he visited the hometown of his childhood wushu hero, Wang Ziping. 意想不到的是Lupe在他三岁时曾在芝加哥练过武术。我们和 Icicle 还有 The Mustard Collective 一起,帮助Lupe完成了参观他孩童时期心中武术英雄王子平故乡的梦想。

With a late green light meaning just two and a half weeks available for research and coordination, Mandarin Film worked with Mustard to create the story line, cast the characters and secure all (very various!) filming locations. The filming took place across three cities in eight days, with a 10-person crew scurrying through four train stations.   Mandarin Film managed all local logistics as well as crew and kit hiring.  时间紧任务重,客户只给了我们两个半星期的时间做调研和协调的工作。影青橙Mustard一起创作故事线,塑造人物和担保所有各种多元化的拍摄地点。这部片子在8天内拍摄了3个城市,10人的摄制组匆匆穿过4个火车站。华影青橙负责当地拍摄的所有管理及制片工作,以及招聘摄制组和租赁设备。

Mandarin Film secured exclusive access to diverse locations including the largest Mosque in Cangzhou, the Shaolin temple in Dengfeng, Beijing’s Temple of Heaven and seven other locations. 华影青橙获得了各大拍摄场地的独家访问权,包括沧州最大的清真寺,登封的少林寺,北京的天坛和其他七个拍摄地点。


Lupe trained in everything from the mainstream to the esoteric: be it a Muslim Sweeping Feet and Fist form, the original Shaolin 18-hand fist form, and Internal Fist, a form of internal martial arts. Lupe训练的十分全面:查滑拳,少林拳十八式和内家拳(内家武术的一种形式)。

Our favourite part was helping Lupe have a bespoke traditional Chinese sword made just for him at the forge of one of the very few master sword makers left in China.  An incredible memory and an incredibly major headache getting it back to the US for Lupe! 我们最喜欢的部分是给Lupe定制了一把他专属的中国传统宝剑,宝剑由中国现有为数不多的铸剑师傅铸造。Lupe带着一份难得的记忆和大难题(宝剑)回到美国。


Besides martial arts, Lupe also collaborated with a leading Chinese hip-hop artist on a piece about his trip to China. Was Lupe up for the martial arts challenge? What does a US/China rap battle sound like?  You will have to watch and see…. Coming to Netflix soon. 除了功夫,Lupe在他的中国旅途中还合作了中国的嘻哈艺人 。是Lupe挑起对武术的挑战?还是美式和中式嘻哈的相碰撞?精彩即将在Netflix呈现。