JAN 26 2021

League of Legends “World’s” – the most elaborate mixed-reality show in the world

League of Legends “World’s” – the most elaborate mixed-reali...

Even during times of pandemic, more than 6,000 people attended the finals of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship (also known as S10) in Shanghai on 31st, Oct night, but it has since got more than 3.3 million views on youtube , and many, many more around China and the world.

10月31日晚,上海,新冠肺炎还没有消退,但仍有6000多人参加了2020年英雄联盟世界锦标赛决赛,当晚,全球各地都密切关注赛事, 直播点击量在Youtube高达330万余次。

The event, the world’s top eSports event and one of the most influential offline events this year, was a “crazy journey” for Riot Games CEO Nicolo Lauren. Riot and Tencent are the major organizers of the event, which started in the city in September. 


Mandarin Film worked with Riot Games to produce the incredible martial art Performance of the opening Ceremony – the most elaborate mixed reality stage in the world.   


Mandarin Film Producer Yvette Wang coordinated with the Martial Art Team and the stage director of the ceremony, and in spite of pandemic lock down challenges, made the “RISE” sequence one of the most exciting shows of the night.


In terms of computational capacity “world’s” is the most sophisticated in the world - 32k resolution.  Augmented reality makes the stage looks like it goes on forever – there is a 360 world built out around the stage which means wherever the camera is pointed there is something to shoot – pretty cool huh?!  Here’s the ‘making of’ the show