JUN 25 2014


The Hong Kong Electronics Fair is the biggest fair in Asia and one of the most important dates in Intel Asia Pacific's calendar.  It’s a chance to show off new products, meet with suppliers, clients and customers to talk serious electronics.  
Mandarin Film was asked by Intel to make a summary piece, interviewing the biggest hitters, exciting newcomers and loyal clients of Intel, and getting a feeling of the buzz of the fair.  The interviews were to take place in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, and the whole piece needed to be put together in just a week following the fair to remain ‘fresh’.
We were involved from the script-writing process on, preparing the questions and interviewees required to get what we needed, while planning the overall style of the video, and the b-roll and music needed to make it sing.
Mandarin Film provided a producer, director, cameramen, sound recordists, assistants and equipment for the shoot.  The team was split into two crews - one solely focussed on getting b-roll for the interviewee’s products and the fair, the other solely focussed on interviews.  A major hurdle to the video was that we had a whopping 18 interviews in two days - and only one small hotel room to conduct them all in!  The team had to try and mix it up by using specialist tilt shift lenses, running outside and into the corridor where possible, using every technique to try and make these hotel style shoots as interesting as possible without distracting from the content.  
The post process was relatively complicated - multiple languages and several levels within Intel signing off, often on different continents.  Post took place at Mandarin Film’s edit suite in Beijing.
The video is a chance for Intel to share news with its clients and internally, and as such was deemed a great success.

"It was a pleasure working with Ellen, Xander and the team.  The client is also super happy with the video, especially in such a tight timeline.”  Yutian Xu, Producer, Intel Studios Creative Service Team Asia Pacific

Mandarin Film is official supplier of production services for all internal and external video content for Intel Asia Pacific since 2013.  This includes corporate video, viral video, script writing, casting, fixing, location scouting, recce, crew hire, kit hire, cameraman, soundman, directing, director, subtitling, editing, editor, translation, media handling.