AUG 14 2018

Food Unwrapped China

Food Unwrapped is a long-running popular Channel 4 TV show that travels the world exploring the industry secrets behind our favourite foods.

From tins of bamboo shoots and cloves of garlic to noodles and tea, in this food unwrapped China special Ricochet wanted to explore the origins of China’s  amazing foods.

Food safety can be a sensitive subject in China so we had to navigate those sensitivities whilst dealing with complicated visas and permitting, always with an eye on researching great stories that would chime with a UK audience.  Without giving too much away we found some incredibly entertaining and yet informative stories across China, filming simultaneously with two separate crews in 8 different cities across Beijing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Jiangxi, and Jiangsu Provinces over 10 days.

Highlights of the shoot included capturing Matt Tebutt opening a freshly fished clam to discover dozens of pearls inside. Other great moments were host Jimmy Doherty making traditional soy sauce at a picturesque riverside with 3000 pots of fermenting soy beans and later foraging bamboo shoots on the film set of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

(Jimmy’s team filming at the traditional soy sauce factory)

Mandarin Film provided full production services from research, location scouting, logistics and official permissions, to crew, equipment and production staff on the shoots.

“Thank you Yuyu and team for looking after everyone so well, especially in some challenging situations!” Hannah Lamb, Ricochet

“When I first arrived in China it was a bit of a culture shock, the hustle and bustle, the food, the driving, the no holding doors! But after a day or so I got into it and within not long loved it. That’s largely down to Yuyu not only being an ace location producer but also such a great on and off camera translator and guide. Made the whole experience really smooth and efficient. From sourcing new crew at very short notice and going the extra mile to make sure we got the shots we needed and seeing all the interesting sights we could in our limited time.” Joss Cubitt, Ricochet