MAR 13 2017

Escaping the Temple Premieres on Arte

Escaping the Temple premiered last month on Arte, the Franco-German public TV network.

“I have seen your documentary on Arte… It was beautiful, I had tears in my eyes most of the part of it. Beautiful images, beautiful people, beautiful dance and beautiful message. It touched me a lot… as myself trying to live of my art and passions. And I am so glad having discovered great artists! If you see or contact the choreographer and dancers, tell them that they are beautiful and so talented, and to continue on their way. Courage and patience is needed, but it worth it I think. I hope to see the dance in France one day! Thank you for it, and again, congratulations for your beautiful documentary, you are a great artist!” - French artist Alexandra Banti

In co-production with modern dance Choreographer Zhao Liang’s studio “Beijing Kind Giving Culture & Media Co. Ltd.”, Escaping the Temple mirrors the themes in the Zhao Liang’s dance performance of the same name. , Escaping the Temple tells the intensely personal intertwined stories of three sensitive, individualistic and rebellious modern dancers each reaching a crossroads in their lives. They must all resolve their issues to move forward.

It shows a China not well known to the world, young Chinese people who are creative and passionate, a new vision where ancient beliefs and culture collide with the moral and spiritual vacuum of modern-day capitalism.

Click here for the documentary. Online from February 20th to May 21st 2017