JUN 04 2019

Bringing Green Back to Our Planet 将绿色还给“我们的星球”

Mandarin Film is proud to have collaborated with Silverback Films to shoot award-winning wildlife/environmental series Our Planet, narrated by David Attenborough.


华影青橙于201811月协助英国制作公司银背” Silverback Films完成我们的星球项目拍摄。


Our Planet is a large-scale trans-media project, aiming to reach one billion people across the world in order to change the way they think about Earth and the challenges the future brings. Global broadcast partners Netflix, the World Wildlife Fund and Silverback Films, the creators of Planet Earth(the highest-rated TV series of all time on IMDB), partnered to create the most powerful media project promoting environmental consciousness the world has ever seen. Watch the trailer!


《我们的星球》是一个长周期、大规模的跨媒介项目。该项目致力于影响全球各地区的十亿观众,希望转变观众对于地球以及人们所面临挑战的看法。作为IMDB网站有史以来评分最高的电视节目《地球脉动》的制作公司Silverback Films 联合包括全球最大的线视频网站Netflix世界自然基金会WWF在内的合作伙伴,共同策划了这个有史以来在环保方面最具影响力的影视项目。请看片花!


The program demonstrates how China is leading the way to a clean future through renewable energy projects. Contributors to the project included world renowned architects, academics, and innovative landscape architect Kongjian Yu.


The program shows how Yu Kongjian’s work Houtan Park Expo Sponge City — has made an impact on the environment surrounding the city.




We also filmed a group of children who have been called to action to protect the environment as they use their imagination to explore fresh ideas for innovative clean energy.





Mandarin Film helped research and realize all stories and locations. Working together with our partners we were proud to help deliver what we believe to be a truly moving documentary, and a stimulus for real change.