OCT 26 2016

'Before the Flood' - Leonardo Dicaprio doc premiered on National Geographic October 30th

'Before the Flood' - Leonardo Dicaprio doc premier...

With an amazing dreamteam cast including Dicaprio himself, President Obama, Elon Musk and Pope Francis,'Before the Flood' is a powerful reminder of the challenges we face to our environment.

Known for its Nat Geo documentary Green China Rising and having previously worked with director Fisher Stevens on Skyladder Mandarin Film was called in to arrange the Chinese part of the shoot.  With such a high profile celebrity the logistics and security had to be flawless - Dicaprio’s popularity in China meant that we estimated we had around 3-5 minutes in any public location before we ran the risk of being mobbed.

After last minute nerves getting filiming permits and a visa for DiCaprio the shoot turned out amazingly well, interviewing China’s highest profile environmental minister, a climate activist and getting amazing footage around Beijing, including a ride on a rickshaw on the streets of Beijing.

Mandarin Film handled all aspects of production including prep, permissions, visas, logistics, crew, and equipment.


Watch an introduction by Dicaprio here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dxAgt9XXPU 

…and the official trailer here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UGsRcxaSAI  


The film has been in theaters around the world and had its world TV premiere on National Geographic on October 30th, but in recognition of the subject’s importance, NG will also release it for free on youtube, hulu, google play, facebook and itunes.

"Fisher Stevens' latest documentary (formerly titled The Turning Point) chronicles Leonardo DiCaprio's campaign to raise global awareness about the dangers of climate change in his role as a UN Ambassador of Peace.

Future generations will judge us by how we deal with climate change. 'Before the Flood' is a rousing call to action from longtime environmental advocate Leonardo DiCaprio and actor/filmmaker/Oscar-winning documentary producer Fisher Stevens (The Cove). Named as a United Nations Ambassador of Peace, DiCaprio is on a mission. The film follows him as he travels to multiple countries, bearing witness to climate change on a scale that no one should deny.

From the toxic tar sands of Alberta to the frequently flooded streets of Miami Beach, from the smog-choked avenues of Beijing to the incinerated forests of Indonesia, DiCaprio meets with scientists, politicians, and activists to face the facts: natural disasters are becoming more frequent, wildlife is vanishing, communities are being destroyed. What is to be done?

This isn't the first environmental documentary and it won't be the last. But DiCaprio's charisma makes it one of the most accessible. His passion and inquisitiveness radiate in his blunt talk and genuine curiosity. He confesses to feelings of pessimism, but he receives motivating wisdom from luminaries including entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk, meteorologist and astronaut Piers Sellers, activist and environmentalist Sunita Narain, and President of the United States Barack Obama.

As it sweeps us along on its fascinating tour, 'Before the Flood' reminds us of the beauty and diversity of our world. It also galvanizes us to do whatever it takes to save the planet — and ourselves." From TIFF review, 2016

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