Fresh China Works Since 2006

Fresh China Works Since 2006

With more than 500 projects and over 20 years experience, Mandarin Film
is the perfect choice of partner for your productions in China.

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Du Fu: China’s Greatest Poet will be premiere in China on Thursday 11th June, 9pm on CCTV9!   ...

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How is your pandemic going?  We hope it has gone as well as can be expected and, like us, you are...

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PULSE OF THE PLANET 《星球的脉搏》 Pulse of the Planet is an inspirational new series which will t...

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2019 TOP 10 Locations 2019年十佳拍摄地

2019 TOP 10 Locations 2019年十大拍摄地 OK folks so it’s Chinese New Year and the pig has chased o...

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Lupe Fiasco Knows Kung Fu 嘻哈艺人功夫行   Mandarin Film worked with Netflix and Hong Kong b...

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This Is Football《这就是足球》   This is Football is a landmark six parts feature documentar...

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CKGSB MBA Brand Video 长江商学院MBA项目品牌视频   Mandarin Film completed a script to scre...

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2019年8月12日下午3点,在杭州湾与长江河口交汇处的东海之滨滴水湖畔,来自英国威尔士的冒险家Ash Dykes小戴顺利完成了自己为期一年的徒步长江之旅的最后一公里,破纪录的成为徒步长江全程的...

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Bringing Green Back to Our Planet 将绿色还给“我们的星球”

Mandarin Film is proud to have collaborated with Silverback Films to shoot award-winning wildlife...

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Race Across the World 《环球陆地旅行》

Mandarin Film worked together with Studio Lambert, an award-winning British TV production company...

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Documenting the wild wild east

Mandarin Film has worked with many of the world's biggest broadcasters to create award-winning documentaries for an international audience.

We can work with you to make amazing stories, collaborating with a passionate and professional crew, and we love to hear about co-production opportunities. We're always looking for great partners.

Empress of Evil: Wu Zetian

A docu-drama on China's only female Emperor, partly financed and wholly produced in China by Mandarin Film.

2016 - 48 minutes

The Story of China

A 6 part series telling China's 5,000 year history in a way that has enchanted audiences across the world, including China. For the BBC and PBS.

2016 - 6 x 60 minutes

Green China Rising

End-to-end produced by Mandarin Film Coproduction with CICC

2012 - One hour

Giving Face to your business

We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and tailoring our work precisely to their needs. We offer corporate clients a 'script to screen' service, producing every aspect of your project from start to finish, with consistent input from you.

You'€™re with us every step of the way, as we bring your ideas to life with fresh, creative, and visually stunning video content.


A video for one of the world's biggest companies celebrating the record for retail sales in one day. China's 11.11 festival.

2015 - 2 minutes

Bentley and Volkswagen

Global Videos featuring well known stars Jay Leno and Jackie Chan.

2013 - 2 x 5 minutes

Western Union

Viral Video celebrating the way Western Union connects people around the world.

2015 - 2 minutes

Fresh takes China

We'€™re passionate about making feature docs and films for a theatrical audience, and helping you make yours.

We have helped produce several acclaimed feature documentaries in China, and we know how much sweat and tears go into them: additional research and development, longer lead times, all on budgets that are often very tight. We take pride in making the process smoothand the results incredible.

For feature films, we act as a bridge between China and the West, to help you find the perfect co-pro partners. Our unique blend of China know-how and international experience is key to making your co-production happen.

Game of Assassins

Hollywood horror movie shot entirely in a studio in Beijing.

2013 - 90 minutes

How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr Fo...

Award-winning feature documentary on Norman Foster.

2012 - 90 minutes

Skyladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang

Recently premiered at Sundance, directed by Oscar-nominated Kevin Macdonald.

2016 - 80 minutes


Stills production dovetails nicely with our video production services. Just like in video, we can offer an end-to-end service including model casting, production design, studio, crew and equipment hire and retouching.


Award winning German photographer Magnus Winter presents his take on these beautiful cars.

2013 -

Jaguar XJ 'Skyroad'

A series of photos showing of the car on China's Sky Road.

2016 -


Photo Shoot with multiple F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton.

2013 -